The best maintenance tips for Fat Tire E-Bikes

The best maintenance tips for Fat Tire E-Bikes

June 25, 2022

These cost-saving tips can keep you riding your Fat Tire Bike longer and help keep extra cash in your pocket from costly repairs.

Don't Over or Under Charge your Battery

Our first e-bike maintenance tip is pretty important. It's about the battery life, the life source of the bike itself. A lot of people don't really realize much about their battery, or what's going on with it. A lot of people think just because of lithium-ion, there's no memory effect, that you could just do whatever you want with it and it'll be fine. It's bulletproof. Not totally true. The truth is batteries don't like to be fully charged or fully discharged. So if you are going to leave your bike without using it, the worst thing you can do is either leave it fully charged for months at a time or fully discharged for months at a time. Fully discharged is worse than it. Batteries really like to be kept between like 30% and 80%.

And if you're going to be storing it over the winter or not riding it, if you live in like Minnesota or Canada or something, and you're not going to be riding it for five months out of the year, try to keep it at like 30% to 50%, if at all possible. This cost-saving tip could double your battery's life versus somebody who just constantly keeps it fully charged and then just rides and then plugs it in as soon as they're done and keeps it fully charged.

Lube any moving parts

Get a bottle of Tri-Flow Lubricant, or BOESHIELD T9, some sort of lubricant, and just lube anything that moves. 

  • pivot point
  • cables that move
  • brake cables
  • gear shift cables
  • derailleur

Take your brake cables out every once in a while, your gear shift cables out every once in a while, and lube them up. They get corroded. You're out in the elements. Nothing's really protecting them. Do the same thing for your chain. Your chain's like a vital part of your drive train. Throw some lube on your chain. You get the same bottle of T9 or Tri-Flow and lube everything with it. If you want to get more in-depth, you could get different lubes for all the different components on your bike.